Monday, October 26, 2015

Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni 's stubbornness ruining Indian cricket teams future.

At Wankhede stadium, Indian cricket team tasted one of the worse defeats in a long time.  I am not going to highlight what happened yesterday because even non cricketing followers would have come to know what happened.  India conceded over 400 runs. Problem didn't lied only here if some one would have got 200 plus score and other would have chipped in.  Then one could have said it was that individuals day and we couldn't do anything.  But problem was that three individuals got three distinctive and heart pondering centuries. On one hand, where Kock started off the inning in a flying manner,  Du Plessis held the innings together coming at three and later was scoring sixes with cramped foot and one hand and on the other was the best devastating batsman in the world De Villiers putting Indian bowlers all over the park with such power and finesse.  Now the question rises here about the Indian bowling as a unit and Dhoni s post match conference. Indian new ball bowlers Bhubhneshwar Kumar and Mohit sharma doesn't ever convince me as wicket taking bowlers.  They don't have pace and if the wicket is seeming a bit I don't mind Kumar to play a role,  however when it comes to belter of a wicket he has no chance.  Compare him and the player who he has preceeded likes of AgarkarNehra and Zaheer.  They were bowlers who could hit the deck hard when needed and swing at the start and Agarkar and Zaheer were one of the best Indian reverse swing bowlers.  Now coming to Dhoni s remark that these are the best two bowlers we have, puts me in a state of dilerium. Dhoni even said that Mohit Sharma is a good third seem bowler baffles me a bit. What he has which forces Dhoni to play him so regularly apart from him representing the same Ipl franchise which Dhoni heads.  Players who are putting their all efforts and sweat in domestic cricket.. To be cont.........

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