Monday, October 29, 2012

Immature Comments and Unfair Tactics

The comment made by Kohli about preparing turning pitches is not unfair has proved that a 20 years old does not always deliver mature comments even if one is a magnificent player. Indians are going to take on England in a four Test matches series in the home condition. Few of the remarks made by Kohli were really childish and immature and the tactic made by Indian Cricket board is unfair. There are few points which I would like to mention here.  Firstly, the Indian Cricket Board is giving the English boys no opportunity to get used to playing spin in the upcoming warm up games. This is justified by not selecting any frontline spinner for the touring games. Now the question arises here is that is it fair ? I can understand by not selecting either Ojha or Harbhajan or Ashwin as they are the trump card for Indian Team, but is it fair not to let them practice against any quality spinner ? Apart from these three slow bowlers there are other many spinners who represent their States on highest level.  For me its unfair. Secondly, the Indian team after getting hammered 0-8 in England and down under are in a mood to pay it back. As per the comment s made by Indian cricketers, the pitches out there were unfair and unplayable. But is it true that only the Pitches were responsible for the results which was there for everyone to see ? Was there no lack of application and skills as far as countering the swinging and bouncing ball was concerned. ! We have to accept that many of our top cricketers were at the fag end of their career and the youngsters were not up to the mark. Hence, lest you point fingers towards others, its better to rectify your own mistake and try to work on it. The Indian cricket Board also needs to keep an eye on the young cricketers attitude such as Ashwin and Virat and show them examples of the way the experience cricketers such as Tendulkar, Dravid, Kumble, Laxman spoke. 

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